How Can We Get Money From YouTube

How can we get money from YouTube? In this world of Internet everybody knows the website called ‘YouTube”. It is rated as a third most popular website. The first two being Google and Face Book. You may wonder, how can we get money from youtube. In fact the YouTube is making money through advertisements appearing on the website.

how can we get money from youtube

When an advertisement is clicked, YouTube gets money from the advertisers. If you succeed in uploading and running a movie on this website, you will become a partner in YouTube income and will get money from youtube. The more popular your movie will be, the more people will visit it and there are more chances of clicking the advertisements appearing on the page on which your movie is placed. You will get a percentage of the earning of YouTube from that page. There is a story that a British Couple published a 57-second video on the YouTube and earned more than US$ 150,000 from it. Looks interesting! I am sure now you want to know how can we get money from youtube.

How can we get money from youtube

If you are really interested in making money from YouTube, I can explain the procedure to you without asking for any charges. You have to proceed step by step as described below and finally start earning from youtube.

You have to become a partner before you are allowed to upload your movie to make money from YouTube. It is learnt that you get around US$ 3 to US$ 10 for every 1000 clicks on the advertisement. However, the process of becoming a partner is not an easy task. Any how, if you are serious, proceed with the following steps:

Before you actually start working on your movie, you must keep in mind that:

You must have got permission from the creator of you movie
You must have got permission from the people in the movie
The video must not have any type of ‘Copy Write’ material and
The contents of your movie appropriate for children

Step 1:

The very first thing is an idea. Dream a good idea. It should be informative, funny or giving some advice and must be share able with friends and family. Now, take a video camera and make a movie. You neither need a nice, fancy and expensive camera nor you need to be expert to use the camera. You may record the routine actions of your pets like dogs and cats etc. or playing some children or quarreling of some kids. That can be any thing which may be liked by majority of people. The video may then be edited to make it watchable and understandable.

The video should be clearly visible. Light is essentially required for the video but not in such a way that the actual scenes are not visible or are too dim. Take care of the reflections and sun beams through windows. How are they affecting your video. Dim light or a very shine environment may destroy the video. Therefore light effects must be taken care of.

Special attention to audio may also be given. The voice should be clear and understandable. There should not be any background noise as it will ruin the whole effort. Every dialog or sound should be clearly heard.

The video should be properly edited and the unrequired seens should be clipped off. Be precise and to the point. No matter your video is of very small duration but it should be of interest to the viewers. They should know what are they watching and what message it delivers. Simple programs for editing are available on the net which can be down loaded to do the needful.

When you are satisfied with your work, give a unique but interesting and self explanatory title to your video so that it could easily be searched by any one on the YouTube. The titles could be ‘Jack jumps over the fire’ or ‘Crazy Children’ or ‘how can we get money from YouTube’ etc.

Step 2:

When the movie is complete, you can now proceed to next step to make money. Upload your movie on the YouTube. It is simple. You just subscribe to the YouTube and then upload your video.

Step 3:

Before you start earning from YouTube, YouTube will make sure that you have got reasonable visitors. YouTube will not allow any ads to your video until they are satisfied that the video has got attention of the viewers. The criteria for the evaluation is not published but a voice of mouth it is following:

Minimum subscribers 1,000
Minimum views on all your videos 1,000
Minimum channel views 10,000

It is said to be the minimum requirement and actual number may increase before you become eligible for the ads. However, you have to wait for the traffic of the viewers and take steps that people come to see your video. You may use the social media like Facebook or twitter etc. for this purpose.

Step 4:
In the mean time when you are trying to divert the attention of the viewers to your video, get registered with google to open an Adsense Account. You will be given a code for the ‘video units’. Then create a YouTube video player for customizing and provision of ‘key words’ to reach at your video.

This is where you will get your money from. The YouTube pays the money in US$ 100s only. When your earning is above US$ 100 YouYube will transfer you US $ 100.

Step 5:

Be consistent and add new videos regularly to the YouTube. The more number of videos you upload, the more will be the chances to get ads to the video. The actual requirement is unknown but 100 videos are said to be sufficient.

Step 6:

Behave like a professional. Although this step is not necessary but will benefit a lot  and will help you to make money from Youtube.
Create a website of your own and host the videos so that your viewers may interact through different angles.
Develop your own logo and use it on all you videos. The logo can also be used as a water mark.
A professional introduction for your videos will also help to give it a professional look.
YouTube channel may also be customized to be a professional one.

Step 7:

One of the key point is to take care of copyright issue. Every effort should be made to avoid copyright material. Use of any type of graphics, images, logos, video clips and audios which have copy writes and you have used them without permission of the owner are liable to be rejected. Therefore, be careful while using material from the website.

Step 8:

Now that you have completed your creative work, open the YouTube website. Go to the bottom of the page and click the icon ‘Creators & Partners’. You will find a page having title ‘Creator Hub’. On the same page you will find an icon ‘Become a Partner’. Click this icon. Next page will give a YouTube Partner Program. Click ‘Get Started’ and create your account. Give the required information and then upload your video after getting registered. Check your email inbox every now and then to find out the decision of the YouTube people. However, you will have to be patient.YouTube will take some time to scrutinize your video. When it is cleared from the relevant departments of YouTube, you will be informed on the decision of the YouTube.
As soon as your application is accepted, you can start to display ads on your video immediately. This is permission to give ads on the specified video only.

You may apply for the partnership for all of your videos simultaneously. If approved, you will start earning money on all your videos fulfilling the criteria. If your application is rejected, a fresh application will only be entertained after a lapse of 2 months.

Step 9:
In case your application to make money from YouTube is rejected, do not be dis-hearted. Think over it. There might be one or more points given above which have not been followed properly. Therefore, go back to point 1 and recheck your procedure one by one.

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