Child Care Business at Home

Child Care Business at Home

Due to the financial pressures, many couples (both partners) work outside to bring in enough earnings to live a comfortable life. On one hand it creates income but on the other hand it becomes difficult to take care of the children, especially if you live separately from your parents and other close relatives. Someone must be there to watch the children, to provide babysitting service. If in your area many parents are facing the same problem, then there is a good opportunity to start child care business at home.

If you are interested in making money with babysitting services, then read this article till the end. You will find it very useful and will help you a lot in your new career.

Step 1:

The very first thing you need to consider, even before you start baby sitting service, is SAFETY. Parents are too much concerned about the safety of their children; if you have certification it will have great impact on them. Get first aid and CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation ) certification and renew these regularly.

Step 2:
Analyze your strength, how many children you can accommodate at playtime, meal time, and bathroom time. Do you have the proper facilities for playroom, nap, no bugs, emergency transportation system. Can you accommodate infants also? Consider all these points and discuss with different parents what they want in an ideal child care center. Based on all these factors, decide maximum to how many children you provide baby sitting services at one time.

Step 3:
Prepare a schedule for children that how much time they will watch TV, learn second language, learn social responsibilities etc. While preparing your schedule, focus on what you want the children to be when they move to school and how your training will help them to become successful in the field they are interested in. Parents support a child care/daycare center that prepares their children for school and life success.

Step 4:

For a child care business at home, a very critical for the success of the business is advertising. Create some good design, or get services from some professionals and use different media to advertise your business. You can use any of the following to let people know about your childcare center:

Door to door flyers
Car flyers
Setting up booths in parks and community festivals
Setting up the booth in community flea markets
Display in yard sales
Car window signs
Magnetic signs for your vehicle
Yard sign
Flyers at local grocery store
Post on local community billboard, grocery store, businesses etc.
Advertise in the local newspaper
Flyers in newspaper
Call referral agencies
Advertise on T-shirts etc.

There are many other methods also; check which one will work best for your area.

Step 5:
One of the key factor of child care business at home is the price. Determine a reasonable price for each age group. You can make different payment schemes. Below are a few recommendations:

5-10 hours free of charge
Weekly rate for full time child
Higher rate for infant care
Discount for Siblings
Higher rate for part-time children
Monthly pick and drop van charges
Free pick and drop service on advance annual payment

Again you can make your own schemes. Whatever scheme you make, should match with earning dates of most of the parents in your area, e.g. if most of the parents are paid on weekly basis your fee method should be in a way to facilitate them for weekly payment.

Step 6:
Make a contract with each parent and try to cover everything about the child e.g. medical information, food, some special need, and contact numbers in case of emergency, name of person(s) who can pick-up the child from the center.

Step 7:
Make sure that your child care business at home has the following facilities:
Variety of educational games
Age appropriate activities
Diaper changing table
Infant swings
Crib and playpen
Children’s chairs and tables
Toys, puzzles, books, crayons and blocks
Shelves for shoes, jackets and toys
Outdoor play equipment
Cleaning products

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