How to Become a Teacher Without a Degree

How to become a Teacher Without a Degree

Who is a teacher and how to become a teacher without a degree? A teacher could be anyone who teaches. A mother is a teacher for her growing infant. However, normally the word ‘Teacher’ is used for those who educate children at school level.

A teacher is believed to be dynamic person who believes in changes. A teacher is a leader and he has the capacity to make his/her pupils future leaders. A teacher has to work hard and has to update himself/herself through continuous professional development by attending seminars and reading latest research books on the subject.

Basic requirement for becoming a teacher is graduation plus some type of certification as a teacher but you can become a teacher without a degree. A degree in Education would be marvelous. There are some schools and institutions who hire teachers who do not possess a graduate degree. These schools/institutions include Vocational Schools, Tutoring Centers, Daycares and Adult Education Centers. However, education requirements for teaching various levels in schools differ from state to state. Each state has its own education policy.

To start teaching without a degree, you have to evaluate yourself and decide at which level you will be capable to teach. You have to assess your expertise and experience and find out which subject and at which level of studies you could be able to teach freely without any hesitation. What would be the age range of your students.

Now look for the state where your qualification, experience and skill would be acceptable for teaching. It may be noted that specialization in any field may not require a formal degree. In some states you have to pass a Teacher’s Certification Test. However, in others you may be given some time period, say 5 years, to pass that test. You may request the States Educational Board of any state to provide you a list of areas, grade levels and types of schools in that state which do not require any formal degree to become a teacher.

Now, when you have a list of schools where you can be employed as a teacher without a fo

Teacher Interview

rmal degree, you can check online for any openings and vacancies available in those schools. Apply online and wait for the Interview Call. Before appearing for an interview, you must be aware of the education system in that area.

If you are selected, you must have commitment to the job with confidence and zeal. The teacher is not necessarily the most skilled person in his subject, but he should freely talk about the subject and should be able to answer the questions raised by the students during studies. Qualities of a good teacher are that he is a friend of his/her students, confident in his teaching, motivator for the students, an actor and a leader to lead the students to the right path.

In the end, it is reiterated that you can become a teacher without a degree, but a formal degree is essential if you want to go up the ladder. A masters degree will be an additional pushing force for advancement in your career. A degree in Education and some Certifications in the field are added qualifications.