Make Money as an Undercover Game Auditor

Make Money as an Undercover Game Auditor

make money as an undercover auditor

If you are teenager or can arrange one, you can make money by buying video games. It looks fun that you buy from stores like Walmart, Best Buy etc. and get paid for that. It is called undercover game auditing.

What is undercover auditor? Electronic retailers must check teenagers ID before selling them R-rated movies and M-rated video games. To check if rules are enforced properly by cashiers, teenage undercover auditors are hired. They pose as real customers and buy the instructed item from them. After they purchase transaction, they are required to report back to management. They are paid for each location they audit.

There are many jobs available and it is a very easy way to make extra income.

Electronic retailers normally don’t hire video game auditors, they use professional auditing companies who hire teenagers and allocate the jobs.

Parents need to fill the form but teenager does the audit and is getting paid around $10 for each location he audits. There is a short application that needs to be filled out and you are usually paid around $10 for each location that teenager audits.

Recommended Sites: – This is quite a large mystery shopping company and they often keep a number of age verified kid between 13-17 years old. Depending upon location, teenager may get job to audit movie theaters by trying to get tickets for R-rated movie. – Their job requirement is that you must be between 15-17 years.