Make Money from Gardening

Make Money from Gardening

If you love gardening, you can make money from this hobby. You don’t need to spend the whole day like any other business. Spare some time in a day and spend it in your garden and you can make some extra money.

For this business, you need to have a fertile plot, some tools, seeds, water, fertilizers and time. Let us discuss them, step by step:

Step 1:
The most important part is the plant friendly land. If you already have one, clean it and if possible make some extra space, extra space means extra money!

Step 2:
Do some research and find out what can be planted in your area and what can be sold easily in the vicinity. Write them in priority order, the basis should be easy to grow and expense to sell. The key to success is buying at low price (seeds) and to sell at a higher price (produce), minimize losses and overheads.

Few Recommended Produce are:
Cherry tomatoes
Tricolor sage
Leaf lettuce
Swish Chard
Peas etc.

Step 3:
Once you have your priority list ready, select the topmost items. Buy good seeds and required fertilizers from your local food market. The seeds MUST be of high quality. You can check on the internet , regarding how to check the quality of the seed. Selected books are also available online.

Step 4:
Plant those seeds at a decent distance, if you keep seeding too close there is risk that the plants may die and if you keep them too far you will lose some of your revenue. Plant the seed and put fertilizer and water them. Congratulation! Your 50% of the work is done.

Step 5:
Now you only need to manage it, water them regularly. Spray pesticides, if they catch any disease. Plants are like children they need close monitoring.

Step 6:
When the produce is ready, it’s time to sell it. First set the price, check the grocery market in your area. Set consumer price a bit lower. If you want to sell directly to grocery stores you need to give extra discount so that they may add their margin.

Step 7:
It’s the most critical part. Either you can sell from your own place, sell to restaurants or sell to grocery stores. There are many competitors in this industry so you need to stand out from competition to make your business successful. How you can stand out? You can do the following:

Grade your products and charge higher for good quality
Clean them well
Pack them properly (presentation is the most important part)
Contact local grocery store and make deals well-before the season start
Provide free transportation
100% refund policy for spoiling food
Establish a brand name
Create a website
Get a certificate
Give some credit time

You can also sell other gardening products like compost, earthworms or beneficial bugs.

Other ways of earning from gardening are:
Grow edible flowers
Make a medicinal plant nursery
Star organic market garden
Rent out your garden
Hire out for parties
Hire out as a campsite
Rent out to painting groups
Set up a beekeeping business

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