Make Money Online With

Make Money Online With

Are you interested in buying or selling online at a fixed price of US$ 5 only. It’s not a joke. is the right place you are looking for. Let us now discuss how to make money online with Making money on is quite easy. Read the article till end to find out in detail.

Any job or project can be completed at a cost of US$ 5 on You may ask what type of jobs can be done here. It is very interesting to note that the variety of jobs which may be done on fiverr is unlimited. You name a job and you will find in their list. Before proceeding further, let us know the main categories and jobs which can either be sold to make money online with or purchased online with

Main categories of the jobs to be sold / purchased on fiverr are given below:

  • Gifts: Greeting Cards, Greeting Videos, Unusual Gifts, Arts & Crafts, Handmade jewelry, Postcards etc.
  • Graphics & Design: Cartoons, Logos, E-Books, Web Design, Flyers, Presentation Designs, Business Cards, Banners etc.
  • Video & Animation: Commercial, Editing, Animation, Testimonials, Puppets etc.
  • Online Marketing: Web Analytics, Article & PR, Domain Research, Fan Pages, Key word Research, Social Marketing, Get Traffic on your website, Video Marketing etc.
  • Writing & Translation: Copy writes, SEO Key optimization, Creative writing, Scripting, Translation, Transcripts, Website contents, Reviews, Resume and Cover Letters, Proof Reading, Editing, Press Releases etc.
  • Advertising: Flyers & Handouts, Human Bill Board, Pet Models, Outdoor advertising, Radio, Music Promotion, Banner advertising etc.
  • Business: Business Plans, Career Advice, Market Research, Business Tips, Branding Services, Financial and Legal Consulting etc.
  • Programming Techniques: Programming Languages etc.
  • Audio: Audio Editing and Mastering, Sound Effects & Loops, Voice Mail Greetings etc.
  • Fun & Bizarre: Pranks, Just for fun etc.
  • Life Style: Animal Care & Pets, Relationship Advice, Diet & Weight Loss, Health & Fitness, Cooking, Parental Tips, Makeup, Online Private Lessons, Astrology, Travel etc.
  • Others

It may be noted that almost all types of jobs are dealt with at You name anything and you will see that you can buy or sell it. It may range from silly and unusual items to serious topics. You can outsource solutions to your problems through this website.Make Money Online With

How can you make your sale / purchase on

First you have to subscribe to the website and become a member of their family. It is totally free of cost. Also open an account with for funds transfer. Now you can make your sale / purchase in the following manner:

How to buy a product:

A general term for the product at this site is Gigs. You have to send a message giving details of what you want to buy. You will find a number of people ready to do the job. Deposit US$ 5 into an account maintained by through your Paypal account. This is an escrow account and your money cannot be transferred to any one until you give a green signal accepting the product. Now select a contractor and authorize him to start your work. Time frame to complete the work should be simultaneously decided. When you receive the product, review it and see whether it is within the framework already decided. If you find it up to your requirement according to the laid down terms, give the acceptance signal. In case you In case you do not find the product according to your requirements, ask the contractor for a review pointing him/her the deficiencies you have noticed. Never give your acceptance until you are satisfied with the work. Share the product with your friends.

Contractor should be researched by rating and only that contractor who has the best rating and reviews be selected for a quick and valuable response.

How to sell your products on

If you want to sell your product/gigs and make money online with, look for your competitors. Availability of competitors means that your product has a demand. The procedure is opposite to that for buying. Advertise your gigs and find a buyer. Send the product to the buyer who will give you an acceptance or a review report. If your product is accepted by the buyer, fiverr will transfer US$ 4 to your paypal account by deducting US$ 1 as commission/service charges for arranging the deal. You will get your money within two weeks.

You have to look for gigs, before selling or buying. If you do not find your gigs, you can request for the same and somebody may come up to help you. It may be kept in mind that can help you for solutions to small jobs only. Therefore, you should be realistic, honest and fair in selling or buying the product. The seller only gets US$ 4 and you must realize how much work can be done to earn this amount.

fiverr marketing

You will see that this is a very cheap source of getting information from the people. You will find people dealing in all categories and their number could be in millions. The product provided could be unique and more favorable for your requirements.

If you are a seller, offer a number of products at a time, so that you may earn handsome money in a short time. Your product should be unique and be given an attractive title.