How To Be On TV Shows

How to be on TV shows? Below is the step by step information of participating on some famous TV shows.

How to be on TV Shows – Jeopardy!

The first step is to take the online test. Tests are held at pre-announced dates in the show and on the website. Separate tests are offered to each age group like students, kids and teenagers.

If you perform well on the test you will be called for an audition at a local testing facility. After testing by producers you will be included in the pool of contestants.

How to be on tv shows


How to be on TV Shows – Wheel of Fortune

First of all get registered on the Wheel’s website. There are three registration options adult, college student, teen. You will get notification of when the Wheelmobile (the traveling audition bus) is in your area.

Applications are selected on random basis and a group of five are interviewed briefly. The participants play Wheel of Fortune speedup round and win show-themed prizes. Some of the candidates are invited to participate in final auditions for the show. Then the individuals who will appear on show are selected.

How to be on tv shows


How to be on TV Shows – Who Want to Be a Millionaire

Register yourself for the audition on the show’s website (refer link at the bottom of the article).

You need to pass a written test then an interview if you clear both you will become eligible to participate in Millionaire contestant. Your name will be included in contestant pool and you will be called in a future show.

How to be on tv shows

How to be on TV Shows – Take the Money & Run

The first step is to send email to the producers and provide them a little information about yourself. The email should include your name, partner name, relationship, age, occupation, phone number, email address, city, state, recent photograph of you and your partner. Send the email to:

How to be on tv shows


How to be on TV Shows – Let’s Make a Deal

You will need a ticket of the show at Sunset Bronson Studios in Hollywood, California. You will have 1 in 18 chance of being selected to contest.

Lets make a deal


Minute to Win it
To participate you need to send a detailed application along with an audition video, a copy of your valid driving license and your latest photo.

Send all these to the following address:
Minute to Win It
P.O. Box 1599
Studio City,
CA 91614-0599
Website: Minute to Win Its Application

Lingo, Catch 21, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, 1 vs. 100, and the Newlywed Game
All these shows are produced by Game Show Network. Castings for all of shows are announced by on their website.

How to be on TV Shows – Family Feud

You can ive audition for Family Feud by two ways. Either you send your family video to or attend in-person Family Feud traveling auditions. Your video should range between 3-5 minutes and you should tell about your family, occupation, hobbies or anything that looks relevant. Number of family members should be five all over 18 years old. For more information visit

How to be on tv shows


How to be on TV Shows – Amazing Race, Survivor, and Big Brother

All these reality game shows are produced by CBS. The audition process differs a bit for each show, the first step is to visit the CBS’s website. You need to send a video that explains your personality, also completely fill the form. All selected individuals will be asked to come to the nearest interview city.

How to be on tv shows


How to be on TV Shows – Wipeout
This is an ABC show, first of all you need to contact the production company , MysticArt Pictures. Fill their online form, if producer likes your profile you will be contacted for interview at CA office.