Make Money Selling Video Games on ebay

Make Money Selling Video Games on ebay is one of the biggest online shopping sites. You can make money selling video games on ebay. Millions of people visit everyday and everyone is interested in something. Video games are one of the most popular selling items on eBay. Your eye catching listings can help you to achieve maximum profit by selling video games.

Get Started:
The first thing you need to do is to check listing of other users selling video games. Are they using pictures to get people know about their product? It is always good to add pictures because buyer likes to know what he is going to get after spending money. How they are describing their goods? A good description helps a lot selling video game. Buyers are looking for accuracy and honesty, if your video game condition is not good you should clearly mention in your description.

At the end of your listing there is a place for feedback. Feedback will tell potential buyers the quality of your product. Positive feedback will attract more customers.

Take snapshot of your video game(s) the first one is free, and ebay will charge you a small amount for each one after.

Manage Your Listings:
To start selling video games, create an eBay seller account. Login to your account and click “Sell” on top right corner of the window. Once you click “Sell” a drop down menu with appear, select “sell an item” you can also check selling tips, what’s hot, selling tools and shipping center. Then click “Start selling” link to get started.

Find your relevant category from the list. In our case we will select video game category. Enter the keyword of the game and click search. You will be prompted to enter a category for the buyer. The buyer will see your product in that category. The next step, in selling video games, is to specify details about your product. If ebay finds your game, it will provide you its description and picture.

To learn in detail about creating the account you may visit Next step, in selling video games, is to set the pricing. Set a price at which you want the auction to start with. Most people start with $0.99. will charge a fee for this auction. There is another option “Buy it Now” if you have already decided the price in mind you can select this option. You can also set a “Reserve Price” this the price lower than that you will not even think about selling your game.

Next step is to decide payment method, we recommend the PayPal but you are at liberty to select from any of the available methods like cheques or money orders.

Next, in selling video games, let us move to shipping. If you are aware of the weight and packaging of your game, select the shipping wizard. accepts the three shipping options. Select at least a faster and a really less expensive shipping option.

Check Your Listing Daily
If you want to make good money selling video games on ebay, check you listing daily. Bidders may have questions regarding your video game. It leaves a good impression on prospective customers if you reply quickly. If your game has high demand but still you don’t receive any bids, you should check and update your listing so that it may stand out of the competition.
The more information you provide and pictures you attach, the better are the chances of a sale.