Make Money Taking Surveys

Make Money Taking Surveys

Make Money Taking Surveys

Now a days everyone is either looking for easy money or wants some additional income through some easy source. If you are interested in online easy money, I am sure, in the past few years you have heard a lot about how to make money taking surveys and whether these are considered legal or not. For a lot of people, who don’t understand it, it does not make any sense that how a person can make money taking surveys. It is true that there are lots more scams on internet than true paying websites. But it is true that companies pay millions of dollars every year for conducting surveys.

There are lots of questions unanswered so far. We will take up these questions one by one and try to answer all of your questions and clear all conception about how to make money taking surveys. Companies need correct user views. To get this information they are willing to give incentives to members who participate in online surveys in their free time. Prizes include gift cards, magazine subscriptions, virtual currency for games and last but not the least cash reward. You could be one of the first people to see a movie trailer, television ad, or new product merely by taking an online survey.

Let’s get answers to a few common questions;

What does a survey company do?

What will I get paid?

How much time this will take?

How do I get started?

Do I need to pay anything?

Survey Sites: The Dos & Don’ts

How to avoid scams?

A list of survey websites

What does a survey company do?

Every business whether it is small or big they need data to help them design new services or products or to revise current products to meet their customers’ requirements. The best way to get the accurate data is to hire a professional marketing research firm. Once this first step is finalized, they need to prepare a set of questions that will help them collect the data they need. These sets of questions are circulated via online surveys. On receipt of the data, it is analyzed and delivered to the business owner so that the business can make educated decisions regarding their products and services and help them add some extra revenue.

These marketing research firms charge a handsome amount of money for their services and they pass some of it to the end users (that’s you).

What will I get paid?

Survey companies pay in many ways. Some will give you points that may be redeemed for merchandise, entries into giveaways or cash. Whereas the others pay directly to you once you reach a pre-set amount of money. There are few companies who only give chances to enter giveaways. It’s good to know, before sign up, that’s what each company offers. Sometime companies ask you to try their new products; it is an added advantage that you will test the items even before it is available in the market. So you will get free items to test, your job is to test and give feedback about the product. Normally people get gums, deodorant, toilet papers, make-up, frozen food, shoes etc. for testing purpose.

How much time will this take?

The more companies you register, the more time it will take. Once you register with any company, they email you when any survey relating to your profile is available. Frequency of surveys varies from company to company. Some companies may send you multiple surveys every day and others will send you, may be, only one every month. Many companies will tell you about the estimated time of each survey but normally it takes less than the estimated time. The more time you invest the more return you will get.

How do I get started?

The first and most important step is to find true paid survey directories. These websites offer you a list of marketing research organizations, looking for people who wants to participate in surveys and get paid for their opinions.

Once you find free directories of paid surveys, identify 5-10 companies to register with. 5-10 companies are enough to start with if you register too many, you may get bored and if you subscribe too less you will get less surveys (less cash!) and you will lose your  interest soon.

By registering with multiple marketing research firms you will take more surveys and make more money.

After registering with the survey companies, you will need to spend quite some time filling out your profile on each website. Why you need to do this? The reason is that the company should know maximum about you. This way they will know, who you are, what are your interested in, where you live, what is your age group etc. and will send you relevant surveys.

If the information is not filled out properly, it limits the amounts of surveys one can receive.

After filling out the profile, you will start getting notifications of surveys in your email.

It is vital to take every survey sent to you, as soon as possible. In my recommendation you should spare some time every day in the morning and some in the evening to take surveys without disturbance.

Keep in mind, if you don’t take the surveys on timely manner and they collect enough data from others, they will shut off the survey and you will lose it and if it continues they will stop sending you surveys as they look for people who are interested in taking surveys.

As you start generating money, you will have to select a payment method.

Many companies give you options. You can receive payment via Paypal or can receive a check. Some even give option to receive gift cards to stores.

Following all the above steps, will help you to get the best chance to make money through taking surveys.

Do I need to pay anything?

No. If you see any survey company that asks you to pay money, just ignore it and continue your search for genuine company. There is a recommended list at the end of this article.

Survey Sites: The DOs & DON’Ts

Before you even start, you should know a few things.

DON’T keep your cash in survey accounts

DON’T forget to regularly check your email box

DON’T ever pay anything to join

DO create a separate email address for this purpose

DO spend any vouchers received as soon as possible

DO keep a log of all events

DO refer your friends


It is true that you cannot get full time income from taking surveys but it takes a very little time.

Even if you spend a few minutes making $5 a day, you will get over $150 in a month!

If you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, we recommend you install WOT add on to avoid going to scam sites.

How to Avoid Survey Scams:

Avoid any survey website that:

Requires paying any membership fee

Guarantees fix income

Does not make it clear that how will you get your reward

Asks too much personal info – you shouldn’t have to disclose your credit card number or  bank account detail or Social Security Number

Does not post a privacy policy

Sells member info to any third parties

You should be careful of virus or spyware

Avoid disclosing your phone number.

Don’t accept anything that sounds too good to be true.

List of Survey Websites

American Consumer Opinion

Brand Institute

Clear Voice Surveys


ePoll Surveys


Expo TV

Focus Forward

Give Us Your 2 Cents

Global Test Market

Harris Poll Online

HCD Surveys




My Opinion Now


Nielsen Homescan Panel

One Opinion

Opinion Place

Palm Research

Panel Polls

Socratic Forum


Survey Savvy

Survey Spot



Zoom Panel






NPD Online Research






Valued Opinions

Panel Opinion

Survey Friends

Vanson Bourne



Opinion Outpost









CashCrate Profile Survey20

Reward TV