Make Money Through Social Media

What is Social Media? It comprises of websites equipped with tools which facilitate people to create relationship and to interact with companies, brands and other people. It may be noted that messages on TV, Radio and newspapers act only one way. On the other hand massages through Social Media are a two way communication.

There are a number of types of Social Media. Some of the examples are Facebook, MySpace, blogs, microblogs and YouTube etc.  The most common Social Media are the Blog and the Facebook.

Blog: It is a message written by one or more persons on which other people comment. It also contains links to other sites. Twitter is microblog because here each message is limited to 140 characters only.

Facebook: Here you can create your profile, add a lot of friends, mutually share each other’s ideas and communicate with other subscribers to the Facebook.

Here we shall only describe the procedures through which you can make money through Facebook.

It is not a confidential thing. These are all basic simple methods which people use for making some earnings in other professions. Only you have to be consistent and patient while applying those methods on Facebook. We shall deal it step by step as under:

Step 1:

First you have to decide the way you want to make money on Facebook. Do you have your own product line and you want to introduce it to other friends on Facebook? Or you want to make money by promoting items of other people. This is the most common way of making money.

Step 2:

There are some companies who provide training and the methods of using Facebook for marketing your products.

Step 3:

In order to make a market, you have to make a number of friends on the Facebook. Higher the number of friends, the higher will be the chances to make money. It is very easy to make friends on Facebook. Just search and invite people to be your friends. You can automate your search by using some software available in the market for the purpose.

Step 4:

Now, having a reasonable number of friends, you can arrange to show advertisements on the Facebook. For this purpose use AdSense and other such companies. Customize your ads according to your liking and space available. One thing must be kept in mind that the ads should be relevant to your product for which you are marketing. If you are popular among your Facebook friends, these ads will earn a lot of money for you.

Step 5:

Now select a product relevant to the interest of your Facebook friends and affiliate it. It is a direct marketing approach. You can register yourself free on affiliate networking sites like ClickBank. After getting registered, they will provide you a code for linking to your affiliate. You will get a commission whenever some body clicks on the ad of your affiliate purchases the product or services.

Step 6:

You may create several Facebook accounts and use separate account for different products. This may earn one or two hundred dollars for you every month. Although this is not sufficient, but when you earn money without spending anything, it is more than enough. Accumulative effect of all the accounts may be more.

Step 7:

There are many people who do not know a number of features of the Facebook. You can write an e-book giving step by step information of different features and applications of the Facebook. Your e-book could be quite big keeping in view the large number of applications of the Facebook. You may make one e-book for one feature and make many e-books. You can start promoting your own e-books on the Facebook.

Step 8:

You can put some blogs about the Facebook at the bloggers for free, and use AdSense for showing ads on the blog. AdSense is already a part of the bloggers, therefore you need not to pay any extra attention. Ads will appear automatically. You may also make some money this way.

Step 9:

Now you have become an established authority for the features and applications of the Facebook. People can trust you. Therefore, you can try to get some sponsorship from various companies for promoting their products through affiliate networking.

Step 10:

Make your own Facebook application, using all the strategies explained above and promote it yourself. These are some ideas through which you can make money from Social media with or without spending thing. However, there are a number of thing you must care of.

  • Do not upload the same thing again and again. People may be fed up with that. Always make changes. Take up your products with new ideas every time.
  • Ask for comments of the people and then reply them accordingly. Thus make it a two way communication. This will sure satisfy your Facebook friends on the one hand and improve your future strategies on the other hand.
  • You must be regular and consistent on updating your page on Facebook, otherwise your friends will lose interest in your page and as a result in your products.
  • Make a relationship with your friends. This will promote your products a lot. Reply in a friendly note even if you find comments against you.
  • Your attitude and performance will determine the type of customers (friends) on the Facebook. Therefore, perform in the same way in which you want your friends to be.