Make Money Using Computer Skills

Sell Your Computer Skills

If you can type quickly and have good computer skills, you can work from home doing medical transcription.

If you are aware of medical jargons you can help those doctors who make audio notes and need a person to transcribe the notes so that these can be filed in patient file but they don’t want to hire a full time transcriptionist.

How to make money using computer skills? It is not an easy job. You need to have a lot of technical knowledge.

Make Money Using Your Computer Skills – Step 1:
To improve your computer skills and understanding of medical terminology, first you will have to get training to become proficient. The best way to do it is to take relevant courses. The average course costs about $3,000 and it lasts between 9 to 18 months.

Make Money Using Your Computer Skills – Step 2:
Once your training is complete, it would be difficult to get the first job because most of the good companies ask for at least two years experience. When you get a job with a reputable company, they will arrange all the equipment you need, except internet connection. If any company asks you for your own equipment, be careful there are bright chances of scam!

Make Money Using Your Computer Skills – Step 3:
At an early stage you can contact the experienced persons already doing these jobs for tips and advices. You can also join the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

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