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Making Money Playing Computer Games

| Earn from Games | November 13, 2013

Making Money Playing Computer Games

Make Money Playing Games, Hobbies etc.

Like many of you, I love playing computer games and spend hours playing every day. If you share the same hobby you can make money while playing computer games.

There are sites on the internet where you play computer games online against real persons and the winner gets the prize. Usually these sites have an entry fee of US$ 1. The games you can play are Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Solitaire etc.

If you find it interesting to play computer games online and making money you can search on the internet to find these sites. The recommended sites are:

Make Money Playing Computer Games

Make Money Playing Computer Games

Let us discuss in detail about these two top game sites:


You can make money playing computer games like Bejeweled, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

It is very easy to sign up. Just go to the website, fill your profile and you are done. Some times they give you some extra bonus money, to play computer games online, when you make a deposit for the first time.

After signing up, choose your game. There are two ways to enter the competition of playing computer games: mini-competitions and tournaments. In mini-competition the site arranges your match, to play computer games online, with someone who has a similar skill level like you. How your skill level, of playing computer games, is assessed? From your past games result history, the site determines your skill level. The winner will get both the entrance fees (it is gambling, we recommend you to avoid it).

If you select the tournament, to play computer games online, and win. You will get a much higher prize. For example Solitaire tournament prize ranges around $ 10,000 this prize is divided among 100 highest scorers.


It is a very old site to play computer games online. If you like playing computer games, you will love this site. They offer variety of games and mini-competitions to play and win cash prizes.

You can also participate in some free games where you may win prizes also e.g. bingo offers a prize under $ 10.

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