Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom

In almost every family, Mom manages the family spending, especially the meals, clothes and other household consumer goods. She should be a money saving expert. For this purpose she has to maintain a budget, keeping in mind the resources available within the family. money saving green
However, most of the time mom is short of budget. Some time for essential commodities and some time for other house hold needs. This is due to inflation as well as some unexpected expenditure emerging during the month, e.g. a child get sick, kitchen equipment stop working or the car suddenly break down and you have to get it repaired immediately. In order to face such situations a family needs to save something for a rainy day. Mom is the main person in the family who needs to think over it.

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Below are some money saving tips, for mom, from day to day expenses:

    1. Negotiate on the rates: Don’t be shy about negotiating on rates to get a better price, for example car insurance etc. Maximum result of your effort will be that your request will be declined. But in many cases you will get some reduction in price. Thus a saving in money.
    1. Free Coupons: There are a number of free coupons available on certain purchases and sometimes without purchases. Collect as many coupons as you can and utilize them on purchase of your essentials. An online source of coupons could be
    2. Credit Card Purchases: Maximum, keep two Credit Cards. You will have difficulty in managing too many Credit Cards. Use Credit Cards for purchases but never forget the payment due date. You will be charged heavily, by the bank, for non-payment by the due date. Credit Cards have sometimes special schemes or packages for particular items. Try to take advantage of these opportunities. But never purchase unnecessary items. This way mom can save some money.
    3. Set up a Blog: If you have spare time you can create your own website and set up a blog. You will have to update your blog on daily basis. Invite your friends to comment on it. When you will get a good traffic on your blog, google will put ads on it and you will start earning.
    4. Purchase of Second hand items: A money saving mom knows that she can save by purchasing second hand clothes. There are a number of stores which deal in second hand clothes. You can get your required garments at a very low price and can save money.
    5. Online Shopping: Sign up for Store Newsletters. You will get the latest prices of the commodities and opportunities to know special offers and deals, whenever those emerge.
    6. A Watch on Energy Consumption: A wise mom when looking to save money will first look at the expenses. You can save by lowering down your electricity bills. Switch off the unnecessary lights, lower the temperature of your water heater and run your AC around 25 / 26 degrees Celsius. Use your washing machine and the dish washer when those are full.
    7. Leftover Food from Hotels: Most hotels sell their last day leftover food at cheap rates. You can save money by purchasing such food. However, be sure that it is not stinking.
    8. Garage Sales Purchases: You can get many cheap items especially furniture from garage sales and can save some good money.
    9. Shopping after the Holidays: You will get unsold items at a low rate, if you visit the store a day or two after the holidays.
    10. Use of iPhone: Now a days iPhone/smart phone has a software which decodes the barcode given on different items. By decoding you get all the particulars of the product. Search the product with the same particulars on the internet and find the place where you can get it at cheaper price.
    11. Store Brands: Try to purchase Store Brands instead of Name Brands. You will get the same thing cheaper.
    12. Eat Home Cooked Food: Home cooked food is always far better and cheaper than the hotel food. Try to eat home food, even when you are out for a family picnic. Bake your own cake and biscuits.
    13. Avoid Drinks: Water is good for health. Avoid soft drinks, tea and coffee. Thus you can save money on such items.
    14. Do it yourself: Color your hair and a haircut of your kids yourself.
    15. Kids to Wash the Car: Ask your kids to wash the family car and save money on car washing.
    16. Cloth Napkins: Start using Cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. You can wash the napkin and reuse it as many times as you like.
    17. Card for various Occasions: Do not purchase Birthday or other greeting cards. Make your own e-cards on your computer.
    18. Vacation Packages: If you want to go on vacation, try to get lower packages. You will get such packages if you plan well in advance and book it earlier.
    19. Bulk Purchases: Try to purchase in bulk. This will have cheaper rates.

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I hope, if you try the above tips, you will become a good money saving mom and a money saving expert.