Play Games For Money, Gift Cards, or Prizes

Play Games For Money, Gift Cards, or Prizes

On the Internet, there are lot of opportunities to play games for money. If you have free time you can make real money using your skill. Options like affiliate marketing, freelancing etc. are also different methods to earn online. But the least stressful method is to play games for money. It is so simple that even a child can do it. But before you start to play games for cash you will have to register to one or more sites that pay to play games.

Below are few sites you can join to play games for money, cash and prizes:

Swagbucks (
It was first started as a rewarding web search site. Now they have also started a game page to play games for money. They have casual games like arcade, word games etc.

With Swagbucks, you can make purchases at amazon. For 450 Swagbucks you can do shopping at amazon for $5. Recently they have introduced a PayPal payment method. You can get redeem your Swagbucks through Paypal and your Swagbucks will change to real money.
You can participate in tournaments also. Each tournament has a fee that is normally less than US$ 1. You will get a significant amount of money if you win in the tournaments.

Tournament games (
It is a good site to play games for money and to participate in game tournaments. They will charge you a small fee and if you win, you will get a significant amount of money.

Game Show Network РPlay Games for Money (
This site gives you reward points for playing games. The reward points earned (oodles) can be used for gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Exxon Mobil and other stores.

Playing Quick Survey Games for Chances to Win Cash

Instant Cash Sweepstakes (
You need to answer few survey questions and you can win cash from a few cents to $$. If you refer your friends to this site, you will get the same they win (US resident only).

Some Other Ways of Making Money from Games

  • Make Money Teaching Video Games
  • Make Money Selling Video Games on ebay
  • Make Money playing the Monopoly Board Game