Rent Out a Room in Your House

Rent out a room in your house – Is it possible to make extra money from your own house without leaving it? Yes it is, you can earn regular income by renting out cellar space, part of garden or one of extra rooms, parking space.

rent out a room in your house

Who Can Earn?
If you have a spare bedroom and bathroom, garage etc. you can make money from your house. You only need to rent out a room in your house. It requires close attention and hard work but once you get good reputation then you don’t need to do much effort.

Many travelers nowadays look for a relaxed bed and breakfast, so it is good chance for your to rent out a room in your house and start making money. If you are interested in this business read this article carefully, also check the recommended list for further guidance.

Let us discuss the whole process step by step:

Step 1:
The very first step to rent out a room in your house is to select the room, you want to rent out. Before any guest stays in this room, spend one night as a trial in that room. Closely observe each and every thing from the guest’s point of view:
Is air conditioner working fine?
Is there proper lighting arrangement?
Is night lamp switch near the bed?
Is the bathroom clean and has all necessary stuff?
Is the bed clean, soft and inviting?
Are the pillows comfortable?
Does the room smell good?
Is the interior design and the color is soft to the eyes?
Can you hear household noises?

rent out a room in your house

You should ask all these questions to yourself, the answers to these questions will determine whether or not your guests will recommend your place and come back for another stay. Think about all the minor discomforts that you have observed over the years and ignored them; remember that a paying guest might not tolerate those problems. You might need to spend some money to fix these small issues before you rent out a room in your house.

Step 2:
As you are going to provide bed and breakfast (B&B) service, the second part is breakfast, it is equally important.

Some B&Bs serve juice and coffee in the mornings. There is nothing wrong in serving it but remember you want to make your guest’s stay memorable. Try to serve a breakfast he could never forget. It can be done by serving something different in a different way. If you want to rent out a room in your house on regular basis and want to make a good reputation, I highly recommend that serve your guest traditional breakfast. It has been observed that it leaves a lasting impression on guests.

So plan your breakfast style and menu well in advance.

Step 3:
After finalizing the first two steps, you are ready to rent out a room in your house and ready to welcome the guests. It’s time to start advertisement. It is one of the key elements of success of your business. Start with local advertisement, for advertisement you can do the following:
Fix a signboard in front yard
Spread the words through friends and family
Make small website, show high quality pictures
Distribute flyers in parks, cars, community functions etc.
Advertise in the newspaper
Register in travel sites
Leave flyers on airports at tourist guide stands

rent out a room in your house

Step 4:
When you plan rent out a room in your house, the question arises, how much you should charge for B&B service? The best part of this business is that travelers are willing to pay more for bed and breakfasts. Why? Two types of guests visit these houses, the business travelers who are tired of the hotel rooms and families looking for a unique experience. Both are willing to pay more for their unique experience. The competition is becoming intense in this industry day by day; you need to stand out of competition to make your business successful. How it can be done? Make your guests stay unique and memorable, their positive remarks will attract more customers and they themselves come back to you.

rent out a room in your house

Tips to rent out a room in your house
It has been observed that the bed and breakfast business is more successful near airports, historic parts of town, or other tourist attractions. If your house is located in the perfect spot you will not have to work too hard to rent out a room in your house and make your business successful.

The biggest secret of successful business is to make your guests stay as comfortable and entertaining as possible. Keep in mind that they are paying more for the experience.

Another key aspect is the level of service because you are not just offering room and board, but an experience. If the guest wants, you should help them plan a day seeing, offer to sit with them and help them plan their route etc.

In the end I would like to say that if you have free space and time you must rent out a room in your house. If your business is successful your will get good income.

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