Sell Clothes Online

Sell Clothes Online

This article is for the person who wants to sell his used / second hand clothes or wants to start clothes business online. One good business venture, nowadays, is to sell clothes online. People need clothes even if their financial position is not stable, it mean your business will not be affected too much with economy downturn. If you want to become part of the market by selling clothes online, the good news is that the market is much bigger than you may think of. You may sell wholesale clothes or may start a retail online shop or both. But it is preferable to stick to one niche in the beginning.

A question may arise, why to sell your clothes online and not offline. Here are some of the benefits you will get:

  • You don’t need to have a big store to start selling clothes, start with avirtual online store
  • You can easily approach big market
  • You don’t even need to own clothes, at the time of finalizing deal, to sell clothes for cash
  • You can even sell second hand clothes (Recommended links are at the bottom of the article)
  • Start up cost is much lower than offline clothes business

If you start selling second hand clothes, you may make more money because used clothes market has good margin. Keep reading till end to find out where to sell used clothes.

You can opt for any of the two below options:

  1. Create your own website/blog
  2. Become a part of an online market site like ebay or amazon

If you start your own website, make sure it has the following:

  • User friendly
  • Easy navigation
  • Pictures are of high quality
  • Prices are clearly mentioned
  • No hidden cost
  • Shipping etc. is either included in price or explained separately
  • A clear description about quality and warrantee
  • Contact us page MUST be user friendly & should not ask unnecessary personal info.

Who can Sell Clothes Online?

  • A new designer
  • An established brand
  • A local market reseller
  • A house wife
  • Anyone who wants to start a new business with marginal investment

To become a successful businessman focus on the following:

  1. Know Your Market: The most important thing before commencement of your business is to know your market and its trends. The success of clothes business depends on what and when to offer. Think like a buyer and offer what they want.
  2. Make a Strategy: To enter a new market it is better that you start focusing on a relatively less competition niche e.g. focus on kids winter clothes, teen pants etc. Once your brand loyalty is  established, you can include variety of other clothes also.
  3. Market Your Business: Participate in trade shows, distribute flyers, advertise in magazines or you can get service of an advertising company or may start your on advertising business too.
  4. Quality Should not be Compromised: Your clothes must be affordable and attractive as well as good quality. Before you send anything to customer make sure it is inspected well. Further, pack it properly so that it may not be destroyed during shipment.
  5. Pricing: Keep your pricing moderate so that it may appeal all classes of customers. Selling clothes online is different from selling in the market as people cannot touch the items before they receive it. So the attractive prices will make easy to sell clothes for cash. To have long term relations with customers and compete in market your prices should be lower and quality should be good.
  6. Take Customers Advice: Take your customer advice very seriously. It may affect your future sales a lot either in positive or in negative way.

It is vital for your business success to find a quality supplier at low price. You can sell clothes for women, kids, teenagers etc.Make sure your supplier can deliver quality clothes on time. You can look for the suppliers in wholesale internet directory.

You should be able to get the clothes you sell at low prices, so that even with a good profit margin you will still be able to sell the clothes cheap. In case of too high prices your sale will suffer due to stiff competition in the market. Your prospective customer has many options to compare your prices with others without leaving his home. You should also disclose all hidden costs like shipping etc. Keep in mind that you want to keep the customers as it is easier to sell to returning customers than new one and a positive remark from a customer can boost your business and a negative one may drastically affect it.

Selling clothes online is a great way to extend your market and to make good money. You only need to plan well and predict the demand before you start advertising and investing. To sell clothes online for cash is a bit different from offline sales but basic principle is same, you must do better than your competitor.

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