Sell Homemade Products

Sell Homemade Products

Do you enjoy creating beautiful and unique items, if yes then you can make some serious income from home by selling homemade products.

The trend of homemade products is growing every day and creative minds are in high demand. There are sites that give artists chance to sell their products at fair prices. Normally these sites contain many categories with thousands of listings. You can focus on any of the categories and can start making money from home.

Today we will discuss each and every step of selling your creativity.

Step 1:
To start your business of selling homemade products, first do market research. What others are selling? How they are marketing etc. It is always good to know your competitors’ strategy. Lots of people are selling handmade items but those who stand out, are the people who are working hard to make their items unique. Make a list of items, on excel that you can produce, their prevailing online prices and give each item a difficulty ranking.

Sell Homemade Products

Step 2:
Sort your list, created in step 1 by selling price and then by difficulty ranking. Select the items that have an average difficulty level and good selling price. Once you have decided what you want to offer to the market, look how others are presenting and find out the way you can present your product differently on

Step 3:
How many homemade products should I have in the market? Start with 5-10 items and gradually add new items to the list and if any of your products has negative response or a slow moving item then remove it. If you have your own website, you should have at least 200 items. It is humanly not possible to make 200 types of products by owning your own. So, either you can hire some people to make arrangements with other people in the same line of business.

Step 4:
Create e-mail so that people may contact your and if you want to market your homemade products yourself create a website. Better get help from some professionals, so that your website gives a professional look.

Step 5:
The key to success is an advertisement. The successful sellers say that they have to do much more, than just making the goods.

A few things which a successful sellers do, are:
They distribute a lot of business cards
They blog about their sites
Spend a lot of time thinking new ways to promote their products
Distribute flyers
Do lot of experiments
They truly consider it a full time job

Sell Homemade Products

Step 6:
Fix the rate of your homemade products as per the market, often give offer like a discount, buy one get one free etc. Use secure payment methods. If you are using any online site then you can skip this step as they will take care of the payment method and will deduct their share from it.

Step 7:
As your customers will not be able to touch your homemade products, you should give them a good visual feel of the product. Include good quality photographs, upload a video, if possible, showing the product use and benefits. If you don’t know the art of photography, hire someone.

It is a very competitive industry but have great potential. If you are committed to hard work you will surely succeed.

Sell Homemade Products

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