Sell Old Cell Phones

Sell Old Cell Phones

Have you ever tried to sell old cell phones for cash? Do you know you can make money by selling your old mobile phones and other electronic items? If you have pile of old cell phones left in drawer, you can make money good selling them online. You can even make your additional source of income, to buy used cell phones and selling them online.

Recent developments in the field of technology have created many new ways of making money, selling old phones is one of them. Do you know, you can even sell broken phones. At the end of this article you will find recommended links, where you can start your new career.

Technology is improving day by day, every day a new thinner and faster mobile comes in market. Every new phone has new features, more speed, high resolution etc. All these things attract people to change their old mobile. So people buy new ones and throw the old ones in drawer. Where they become obsolete and in the end are discarded.

Instead of throwing away old phones tomorrow, why not make wise decision today and make some extra cash. If you want to get rid of your old mobiles you have three options:

  1. Throw your mobile in trash cans
  2. Sell used cell phones for cash
  3. Recycle cell phones

In our article we will focus on option number two i.e. sell used cell phones. Some people send their mobile phones to get recycled. But why to throw them away, when you can make money selling phones online. When I planned to sell my phone for cash, I had many questions in my mind.

  • Is it really possible to sell my phone online
  • It has some scratches
  • Would it even be worth it?
  • Who buys used cell phones these days when lots of new mobiles are available
  • My phone is not new, can I still sell it

But in the end it worked perfectly fine. If you are also trying to sell cell phone for cash, you would be happy to know that there are plenty of resources available online to help you out. There are websites available that can help you to sell your second hand stuff, you only need to set a price (or ask for bidding), write good but true description of your mobile phone (a negative customer remark can spoil your business), send a high quality picture of your phone and, if possible, a short video that shows your cell phone in action. The customers will register his/her order online, website will send you the address of customer and you will send mobile to the customer. Website will deduct its commission and you will get your cash. Some of the websites even send you envelope, you only need to put your mobile in it, seal it and send it to the customer. From tracking number you can even know when it is received by the customer. Normally payments are made through PayPal so to sell phones online; you should have a PayPal account also.

You can even sell your broken cell phone. You need to send it to the website laboratory address; they will fix it, clean the memory and restore it to factory setting. So you need not to worry about your personal data etc. Website will take care of all shipping, packaging and insurance issues. So you don’t need to do anything except sending it to them.

There exist much bigger market to sell phones online than you think. If you have pile of old phone start now. If you don’t have old phone, no need to worry, you can start your career to sell old cell phones by buy phones at cheap price from your friends and family members and sell them online at higher prices.

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