How To Sell Used Books On Amazon or ebay

how to sell used books on amazon or ebay

How to sell used books on amazon or ebay? Do you know, you can make handsome amount of money if you sell used books online? It does not require big investment, you only need to keep your eyes open and look for good deals. The trick is to buy books at a cheap price and sell online at higher prices. If you work wisely you can make a full time income out of it.

To sell used books, you need to be quick at mathematics and quick decision maker. Be careful how much you pay for each book and keep track of its selling price. When you sell used books on any website, they’ll deduct commission from the sales. In addition to this some websites will charge listing fee. If you are not careful, the fees will quickly absorb your profits.

Let us understand the complete process of how to sell used books on amazon or ebay, step by step:

How to sell used books on amazon or ebay – Step 1:

First, you need to find used books to sell them on amazon. Where to find books to sell on amazon? Visit frequently garage sales in your area, look for discount shops, charity sales and book festivals. Whenever you find a used book that can be sold at a higher price than the tag price, buy it. How you will know the online price? You can use a portable scanner for this purpose.

How to sell used books on amazon or ebay – Step 2:

Next step to sell used books is to set up a seller account on online selling websites. It is easy to create an account on websites like amazon, ebay, abebook etc. Once these accounts have been created, write at some secured place, the user name and the password for each site. You will need them in future.

How to sell used books on amazon or ebay – Step 3:

The third step is to login to your account and list your books, it includes pictures, description, review, ‘look inside’ option etc. some sites will charge some listing fee but don’t worry it is worth it.

Note that if you list your book as “like new” and someone order it and later on you find out the book is destroyed. You may have to bear the consequences of it.

The buyer in online purchases has option to rate the transaction. You can tell the potential buyers about the book condition, shipping and other matters they came across. One bad rating can affect sale a lot.

Once your book is sold you will get your money through your preferred payment method it may take some time depending upon the method and your location. The site will deduct its commission before sending you the money.

Tips on How to Sell Used Books on Amazon or ebay
Depending on the size of your business, you will need sufficient space to keep the books. You will have to store the books in good condition. If you get the order, you should be able to find the book. Therefore, maintain proper record.

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