Sell Your Words (A Freelancer Guide)

Sell Your Words – A Freelancer Guide. There was a time when freelancer did not has many options available and the best option was to write for magazines. Correspondence was too slow and people had to wait weeks to get a response from the editors for their queries. Only a few people had the patience for it. In a nut shell it was not easy to start freelance work at home.

But the Internet has changed everything. Now you have many options to write. The most famous one is to sell your words, freelance work at home.

The freelance writer is a self employed person and is not committed to any particular person for a long time. If you want to start your career as a freelancer you don’t need any big investment. To start a freelance work at home, you only need a computer, an internet connection, MS office or open office, a peaceful working area and an ambition to write on some topic. In some cases you will also need some invoicing program. Computer type is not important; only make sure that you should feel comfortable working with it for a lot of time.


To start a freelance work at home and become a successful freelancer, below are the steps you need to follow:

Freelancer Guide – Step 1:

There are many sites available on the internet where you can start your career as a freelancer; the list of some recommended sites is at the end of this article.

The very first thing you need to do is to create a free account, and fill profile in detail, on any of these sites. You can choose any other site but make sure, to start freelance work at home, never pay anything to create an account. Some of these sites offer upgrading your account by paying a monthly fee so that you can bid for more jobs but we recommend that at the beginning you stick to the free account.


Freelancer Guide – Step 2:

The second step, to start freelance work at home, after creating the freelancer account is to select a niche market. Spend a good time to make a selection, the market should be of your interest, you should have an intense knowledge of it. Any relevant certification would be a plus point.


Freelancer Guide – Step 3:

Before you actually start marketing, you should have some sample writings. Write some excellent quality writings related to your niche. If you have selected more than one market to start a freelance work at home, repeat it for every market.


Keep in mind, freelance work at home business is subjective, while one person may love you as a freelancer but another may not.

Always do your best to produce well and you will be miles away from the competition.

Freelancer Guide – Step 4:

There is an ocean of work on the internet. Login to your freelancer account and search for projects, you will find plenty of projects in your search results. Check closely which one is perfectly matching your profile.


Freelancer Guide – Step 5:

Bid for the project you selected in step 4. When you start your freelance work at home, at the beginning, keep your bid amount low. It will give you a better chance of winning the project. In most of the sites you can see how much other freelancers have quoted for the same project. If you are lucky you may get your first assignment on the first day.

Freelancer Guide – Step 6:

Once you win the project, do your best to finish it quickly. The quicker you will finalize your project, the quicker you can bid for the new one and the more you will earn. But keep in mind, quality should not be compromised. Quality is the key to success of freelance work at home business.


Freelancer Guide – Step 7:

Once you finish your freelance work at home project, you will get your payment after the adjustment of website fee. You can provide your PayPal account to get the payment.

Freelancer Guide – Step 8:

Request your clients to leave feedback, it will help you a lot to get new projects. A positive feedback will create trust among prospective clients.


If you are a quality freelancer, and a bit lucky, you may get full time freelancing job. To sell your words, freelance work at home, is very fruitful business. So if you want to start your career, do your best to sell your words and you will get amazing results in near future.

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