Start an ebay business

One of the biggest online shopping networks is To start an ebay business it is not necessary that you select new items. You can start with your used items. Does it sound interesting?

How to start an ebay business?

Step 1:

Select approximately ten of your used items like Jeans that you are not using anymore. You can start with a lower or higher number of items as you like but we recommend you to start with ten to gain some selling momentum.

The first question you may ask is that why should I start an ebay business with something I have already used. There are many reasons why I asked you to start with used items. Lets discuss those one by one.

Start an ebay business

You have the product in front of you and it is tested, so it’s easy to describe in the listing.
As you already own the items, you can start your ebay business immediately and you don’t need to wait for delivery from the supplier.

These items have no value for you now, so if you make mistake in selecting the items it will not cost you anything.

Step 2:
If you don’t have any used item, check your vicinity and buy items from a garage sale or second hand item shop. You will be amazed to see that how cheap you can buy some items. But select the items after doing some research on the internet.

Step 3:
To start your ebay business, create a seller account on It is very easy, you need to select your user name password and provide personal information (must provide true information) and select payment method.

Start an ebay business

Step 4:
List your items on ebay. Select the start time of the auction carefully so that it ends during peak time. For an example if you want to sell a used or new PS3 (video game) your auction should not end during day time because at that time most of the potential customers (students) would be in school/college.

Step 5:
Keep track of everything it will help you in decision making of your ebay business. Record everything e.g. purchase price, how long it took in selling, selling price, commission, shipping method, customer feedback etc.

Step 6:
If you want to stand out of the competition, check your rivals’ activities, take excellent photographs of the items and write very good descriptions, explain everything and don’t ever lie. These are keys to success of your ebay business.

Step 7:
Good feedback is very important, try to get 100% positive feedback from 10 customers. This will give you a star next to your name that is vital to successful business.

Step 8:
Try to specialize in a product; it will help you in two ways. First, you will look professional in that particular category and secondly you will get good knowledge of the area that will put you ahead of competitors.

Even though you have specialized in a particular category don’t ignore other prevailing opportunities.

A good Customer/Supplier chain is the key. They may offer lesser price than others but you can sell easily to a satisfied customer.

Start an ebay business

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