Start Solar Energy Business & Become a Consultant

solar energy consultant
Solar Energy Business is becoming popular day by day because the fossil energy resources are depleting gradually. Our traditional energy is becoming more and more expensive due to scarcity of resources.

Moreover, the fossil energy releases Carbon Dioxide which creates pollution. Therefore, a need for a Renewable Energy solution has emerged which has created an opportunity for a Solar Energy Business. Solar Energy is the energy collected by using natural resources from the sun. Other forms of renewable energy resources also exist like wind, sea tides etc. which creates a room for a renewable energy consultant.

As we know, the availability of these natural resources is abundant and free of cost, thus the energy generated by the use of these renewable energy resources will almost be free of production cost. However, the equipment and its installation may have a high cost. But the good news is that such equipment is installed for a very long time which may last for say 20 years. Thus the cost of the equipment and its installation may be spread over the years, making the cost of energy per year to a very low level.

Solar Energy (Energy from sunlight) has taken an important place in the list of renewable energy resources due to abundance of sunlight and its availability in maximum parts of the world. Solar Energy is replacing the traditional energy due the high cost of the latter. Its future prospects are therefore bright.

Solar Energy can be used in two ways.

First is the direct utilization of the heat from the sun rays for heating water, cooking and warming houses. This is called passive utilization of the Solar Energy.

Solar Energy Business Consultant


The second one is by utilizing in an active manner by converting the Solar Energy into Electrical Energy by means of a Solar Energy System.

A Solar Energy System is very simple. It consists of a number of Solar Panels connected together and placed directly under the sun. The rays are converted into DC electricity which is stored in a battery or a series of batteries. The batteries are connected to an inverter which converts DC current into AC current of the required voltage.

If you are looking for a suitable business which you could run from home, becoming a solar energy consultant would be a good option. We shall now discuss the pros and cons of a business after becoming a Solar Energy Consultant. A person who deals in Solar Energy Installations is also called a Solar Energy Consultant. Normally a Solar Energy Consultant provides free advice to his customers.

Some of the duties of a Renewable Energy Consultant or specifically a Solar Energy Consultant are listed below:

  1. A Renewable Energy Consultant / Solar Energy Consultant must be aware of the trends, development of new products and technologies emerging as a result of research.
  2. He should advise properly and in the right direction regarding Solar Installations required for a particular job.
  3. He should be capable of designing the required installations for residential clients as well as commercial clients.
  4. His advice on products and services should be impartial and most suitable.
  5. He should give reasonable rates and provide guaranteed service if offered a job of installation.

A Solar Energy Consultant needs not be graduate in engineering. You may simply follow the tips given below before starting a Solar Energy Business. Further experience will provide you a better understanding of the situations, whenever you come across.

  1. Attend training programs on the installation of Solar Energy Systems.
  2. Watch DIY videos on YouTube and read comments.
  3. Study book, brochures and magazines on the subject.
  4. Look for some experienced Solar Energy Consultants and ask them how did they get their experience. You can find some from Facebook or other Social Media.
  5. Request for guidance, from experts, regarding installations and other services.
  6. Visit some Solar Energy Installations in your area and find out how the work has been done.
  7. Visit websites of different companies providing Solar Energy Services and find out what type of services can be provided.

When you are equipped with the above knowledge, you can start promoting your Solar Energy Business sitting at home. The following ways may be used to do the needful.

  1. Advertise in newspapers
  2. Distribute flyers through the newspaper agents, estate agents and other consumer goods shops. Put your flyers on the Notice Boards of community centers. Present yourself as an expert in Solar Energy System advice and installation.
  3. Make your business cards and give away to everybody to everybody you discuss with or come across.
  4. Create a blog or your own website and provide an online consultation through e-mails. Insist on visiting the site to provide accurate advice.

You must have a telephone or mobile phone where you are available all the time to attend and give advice. You must understand that everybody will be interested to get advice from you because of the day by day increasing demand of the Solar Energy due to its cost effectiveness. This is therefore, the best time to enter the Solar Energy Industry.

The most important thing which has not so far been touched in this article, is the investment required to start Solar Energy Business. It is very interesting to note that practically very small investment is required for this business. You need to be well equipped with the tools to do the job. An experienced electrician and a laborer will be required to help you put the installations. Whenever you are offered a job, you should ask for an advance for mobilization. Make this a policy of your company. You can purchase the solar panels, batteries, inverters and the fixing items from a relevant store or purchase online from a supplier.

Last but not the least, a piece of advice is that before starting the business check for and fulfill all legal requirements required in your area. Moreover, you must maintain your trust with your clients and complete your work within the time frame agreed between you and your client.

These are basic things which should done to become a Renewable Energy / Solar Energy Consultant. However, experience is the basic requirement to be an expert in the field.