Top 10 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

This is a time of keeping the finances tight for a moderate living and saving something for the rainy day. However, not everybody is successful in achieving both the objectives. Simple household expenses, taxes, house rent, school fees for children and other some essential expenses are so heavy that one can hardly save for future. Even normal living is disturbed when an unusual expense emerges suddenly from a corner. Naturally everybody thinks over some additional source of income that can help him in such situations.

Here we can help you finding some source of additional income by means of your hobbies for which you do not spend anything. We have selected ten general types of hobbies which are mostly opted by many people and those can help you to make some additional money. If your hobby does not fall in this list, you can either modify the procedures listed below to make your hobby useful for the purpose or you can change your hobby and select one from those mentioned below.

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Everybody likes shopping, if he can afford. Even those who have very low financial resources go for shopping, though for a small amount, to purchase their livings. On the other hand, some people have money but they do not find time to go shopping. Shopping may be considered a hobby, and you can spend some time shopping for others. There are many companies who higher people on a part time basis to go purchase for them. You may agree at some fixed emoluments or at a per hour rate (say $10 – $15 per hour). You may also offer some senior citizens, who are your neighbors, to shop for them at fixed charges.

You may also find some clients at the shopping malls. You just go there in good dress but do not forget to have some business cards with you, which introduce you as a freelancer for shopping for others. Meet different people at the Shopping Mall and offer them to do shopping for them. Hand them over your business card with your contact numbers. With not much trouble, you will find some clients in a few days who could hire you on a part time basis or as and when required basis. This way you will earn money while enjoying your hobby for shopping.

Dog WalkerDog Walker

Dog Walker If you like pets, especially dogs, and you do not have your own, this job is for you. Therefore, instead of spending money to own a dog, you play and walk with other’s dogs. However, taking the other’s pet dog around for walk is a great responsibility. You are paid by dog owners to play with their dogs and take the pet for a round. You may get a higher rate for overnight dog sitting. Being a job of responsibility, the owner must trust you. Therefore you should look for people who know you and they want the services. Once you have established your trust, you can request your clients to recommend you for their friends. It could be a full time job, if you get enough clients.


If you have interest in baking and also have some skill in it, you can start making money through this hobby. Many people do not know the art of cooking and they gladly pay large amounts for good food. You can start your business by initially distributing small baked items free of cost at a small fair with your business card. Request everyone to give his comments on the food and recommend it to others. It will be marvelous if some writes an article on your baked items in the local newspaper while covering the fair event. If you start a catering service, you may require a license and insurance. You need to do some research on this. Selling baked items which do not spoil need not a license to sell at small farmer’s markets. However, you have to maintain their standards. It would be better to start with one or two items only and standardize them with quality, packing and some kind of your logo, so that people remember you. A good presentation will also count and your product will sell like hot cakes.


Not all of the people are organized. They spend a lot of time looking for some paper like Property Tax Receipt from a junk. Mostly people are fed up with this situation and like some to organize them. They pay for it. If you like organizing things and enjoy doing so, you can get a job like this with a small fee. Use the community boards for offering your services. Some Real Estate Agents may hire you for the job. Once you enter into the business, request your clients for recommendations.

coaching sportsCoaching Sports

You can start coaching sports, if you are good at any one. You can also select more than one sports, if your talents allow and you are qualified in those. This will engage you throughout the year. Schools, Private or Public, could be your places to work. Look for jobs in these areas. Job requirements could vary from place to place. Do not lose heart. There are number of clubs which require coaches for multiple games. Contact local YMCA for guidance. Clubs pay well but need a lot of your time. However, it mainly depends on your experience. You can teach individual as well. You must make a schedule of your teaching classes for the period of training or for the season as a whole. Your charges should be in line with the market.


Craftsmanship is a very good art. If you can create something at home which is admired by your relatives and friends you can make money through this. You can make a business name and sell your crafts on the internet through sites like etc. Your crafts can also be sold at local fairs and festivals. You can also supply to the local handicraft shops for sale at their points. Creation of a Facebook page may also help you in selling your creations. Distribute your business cards to your friends with the request that they pass them on to their friends.

writing and editingWriting and Editing

Writing and editing skill can be utilized to make money. Start by becoming a freelance writer. Write articles for newspapers, magazines and websites. Charge them at a flat rate. You may charge by the count of words also. Start a blog and earn money through ads from AdSense. You can work part time for different businesses and corporations. You will find many business entities which outsource writing jobs. While going for an interview with the business entities do not for get to take some of your writings with you as samples.


Photography is a very interesting and paying hobby. Your work pieces can be sold at art fairs and local boutiques. Selling the art work online will save your printing and framing costs. Do not throw away your work without copy rights. You can also become a freelancer photographer at marriages. Becoming a Portrait Photographer is another good opportunity. These are well paying jobs. No matter, the cost of equipment is high, but that is easily recovered due to attractive rates for special events.

web designWeb Design

Web Designing is quite a complex and complicated job. Therefore it pays quite high. If you are good at Web Designing, there are a number of opportunities waiting for you. You do not have to spend anything except initially for a computer and the relevant software. You being a Web Designer, it is possible that you already have a computer with the software. You can make your own website first. Then you can make a few free websites for your friends, if you feel it necessary for promoting your business. Ask your friends to give suggestions for improvement of your website. Then advertise on the Facebook etc. Your website will speak of your work and you will start getting orders for web designing.

Other Techniques

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