Where to Find Books to Sell on Amazon

Amazon.com is a site on which everyone can sell his/her items. Books are one of the items that can be sold on Amazon. You can fetch a good price for old books. However, the main problem is where to find books to sell on Amazon?

In the past, before the internet, you had to invest thousands of dollars and keep a large inventory of books before you start your business as a Book Seller. But the internet has changed the world. You do not need to invest a large amount. Just get an internet connection with a small investment in books. However you need a lot of effort to buy the right books and sell them at a good price.

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The most difficult part of this business is to find the books. Keep reading this article, I will guide you on “where to find books to sell on Amazon” and you will find it very easy to buy the right books.

where to find books to sell on amazon

At the end of the article we will discuss where to find books to sell on Amazon and how to approach these places.

I read a story of a man who purchased a book for $3.99 from a local shop and tried to sell it on Amazon. It took him about a month to sell it but he managed to sell it for $125.He purchased another book for $5 and sold it for $80. There are many stories like this. You can also make the same profit if you work with dedication and in the right direction. There are thousands of people on the globe who do a part-time business of selling books online. Some of them are specialized in different areas like adventure books, comics, travel etc.

Our advice is to look for books which are not much old as these are easier to find and can be sold easily at a good price.

The key to success in this business is to find new books on a regular basis. The good thing about where to find books to sell on Amazon is that used books are available everywhere you only need to find the place where you can get the books relating to your selected niche.

Now let us discuss some of the places where you can find books to sell on Amazon:

Estate sales:

Estate sales have a lot of collections of books. Usually when a book lover dies, his books are sold at a very cheap price. These books are auctioned and categories priced. Sometime you may find the very excellent book at very cheap price which may be sold at a huge margin (in terms of percentage) on it. You may also find rare books that are passed on from generation to generation.

Estate sales notices are usually published in newspapers but you can also find good deals on websites like estatesales.org. When you attend any estate sales, leave your business card with the auctioneer, as sometimes they want to dispose of book lots that are too small to be formally auctioned.

Library Sales:

Almost every library in a town holds periodic sales of used books. It is a great source of books. Many books, which you are looking for, may be found there.


You can buy books on eBay at cheap price and can sell it on Amazon at a higher price. You only need to look for “book lots” ranging from 3 books to many. Once you get these books you can sell them at amazon individually and can get a good margin on each individual sale. 

Online Book Sellers:

Search on the internet, where to find books to sell on Amazon, you will find a good list of articles for your guidance. You can check websites like half.com.  These sites also offer good bargains on different items. You can even find  a number of books sold under $1. Carefully select the books, buy from these online sites and sell them at a good price on Amazon.

where to find books to sell on amazon

Free classified advertising:

You can place a free classified advertisement on websites to directly attract interested sellers. In your ads you should clearly mention that you pay cash. It will make your ad more attractive. You can also leave classified ads on community bulletin boards.

Thrift Shops:

If you can even find a single thrift shop in your area that sells books, you can make money out of it. You can start your search of thrift shops from yellow pages. Once you find one, give them a call and check if they sell used books. There are good thrift shops who sell books only for 50 cents.

Church Sales:

Church sales are a great source of used books. Attend church sales and look books intelligently to find best deals for you.


You can visit book stores in your area to find books at cheap prices. Keep in touch with them to find out the dates when they usually clear their old stock. You can find good books at cheap prices.

Garage Sales:

Visit garage sales and check the seller if he has other books also. You may find some good books that are not brought out for public. If you find a book, you are interested in, never hesitate to make an offer. Also visit garage sales on second day; you may be able to get unsold books at a very cheap price.

At the end of this topic, where to find books to sell on Amazon, I would like to conclude that selling used books online is very good business and you can make a handsome part time income from it. You only need to work hard and need to be consistent.

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