Where to Sell Your Stuff Online

where to sell your stuff online

Do you know how to and where to sell your stuff online? First thing to think about is what stuff do you need to sell. There are many things which are important for a person at one time and may be useless at some another time. There are a number of persons who have a hobby of converting discarded goods into usable ones. There could be some persons searching for, such good which are useless for you. Thus, there exists a market for discarded goods.

What to Sell:
You must have a lot of discarded and unwanted stuff in your house. You will find them at the time of periodic cleaning of the store in your house. The stuff you find could be an old irreparable telephone set, old furniture, old books, old discarded toys, old and discarded house appliances, old clothes, antiques, sports equipment, electronics, CD’s and DVDs, video games etc. You can also sell new stuff and products developed at home online. Moreover, jewelry may also be sold online.

How to sell your stuff online:

A procedure to sell your stuff online could be the following:

  1. Make a list of the items you want to sell online.
  2. Setup your Paypal account at PayPal.com.
  3. Take good quality pictures of your products with the help of a digital camera.
  4. Estimate your shipping cost.
  5. Determine a market price for each item and decide an offer price. Either include shipment charges in the offer price or ask for them separately.
  6. Enlist your items on any of the sites given below, under the head ‘where to sell my stuff online
  7. Check your messages at least once daily.
  8. Ship the items to the buyer.

Where to sell your stuff online:

There are a number of places where you can sell your stuff online. These site help you, advertise your product and find out a buyer for it. You do not need to create you own website for selling the stuff. We shall discuss each of them here under and you can choose any or all of them to do the needful.

Ebay.com: Anything can be sold online on ebay.com. However, unique items with a high price, have a better market. It is the best place for selling stuff online. A listing fee is charged by ebay plus a percentage on your sales revenue. However, you may get a big deal on it. You can easily get buyers of your stuff on this website. You should setup a Paypal account to receive your money.

Amazon.com: This website is a big giant in eCommerce business. A number of categories of stuff like electronics, books etc. can be sold on it. The icon ‘sell’ will help you to list your stuff online for sale. You need a Paypal account for the payments. There is no listing fee but amazon charges a certain commission on your sales deal.

Craigslist.org: It is a website for free classified advertisements. You can sell big items like furniture, bikes, cars etc. on this site. You can create an account and describe very accurately, the product you want to sell and then wait for an email reply to your ad. You can also upload a picture of your product. You can meet the potential buyers at any place and finalize your deal. Always ask for cash and never accept cheques from unknown persons.

Facebook.com: Facebook has a section called Marketplace. Create a facebook account and list your stuff in marketplace section. Describe your products properly and give your contact details. There will be people looking for your products. You can easily get a buyer and sell your stuff at a reasonable price.

Make your own online store: If you have a lot of items for sale you can create your own store on the web. smallbusiness.yahoo.com can help you in establishing such store in an easy way.

99designs.com: If you can create some designs and logos, you can sell them here.

etsy.com: If you are an artist or craftsman you can enlist your products on etsy.com. Homemade products can be sold here. Enlistment is easy and the fees charged by the site are reasonable.

secondspin.com: You can sell your stuff on this website. This website purchases directly from you and then sells it to the buyers at its own price. Unaccepted items are returned to the seller and payments are made within a week.

gazelle.com: This site purchases items like used mobile phones, ipads, cameras, tablets, GPS devices and video games etc. from you. Then these items are sold on other websites.

sold.com: This is also a good site for selling stuff online. You describe your product in a good manner and send four photographs of the product. The site assesses the value of the product, which may be acceptable to you. If not, you can reject it. If you accept the price, and the site finds a buyer, it sends you a pre-labelled box, you pack your product in that box and send it. Your earned money is directly sent to your account after deduction of fees and other charges.

You must be careful while selling your stuff online. The following are some tips to remember before finalizing your deals.

  1. On whichever website you are, first check for the marketplace where similar items like yours are on sale. See what prices are being asked for and what are being offered. Compare it with prices you are asking for your products. Choose the payment procedure which others follow and on which the buyers are comfortable.
  2. Try to verify the address of the buyer and receipt of the payment before shipping your product. Contacting with the buyer would also be a good option.
  3. Shipping charges must be added to the price of the product. In fact, those are part of the overall price of the product.

This is something about ‘where to sell your stuff online’. There are many other websites doing similar functions and you can just search them out via any search engine.