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Earning money is everybody’s ambition. However, you have to work hard for achieving your goals. You need money for day to day expenses, unexpected funds requirements  as well as for raising your standard of living for a prosperous future.

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This era of inflation has compelled every member of the family to work. Everybody has to do some extra work after routine office hours. However, if this extra work becomes a full time job at home and you do not need to go to the office, it becomes much fascinating. Most of the people think that stuffing envelopes at home is one of such jobs.

You will find a number of e-mails and ads on the internet seeking personnel to do the job of  stuffing envelopes at home. They offer very charming remunerations like $ 1.00 – 2.00 per envelope. It sounds good and attractive, when you work at home stuffing envelopes only, even in your pajama with your wife and kids, and earn a lot of money. However, you have to be little cautious while selecting this profession. Most of the ads for stuffing envelopes are frauds and scams. There are a number of techniques through which this fraud is carried out. We shall discuss a few to make you aware of the scam/problem.

This is a job in which no education is required and therefore everybody will be willing to opt it. You get to the website inviting you to become their members and start stuffing envelopes and become rich. You will be required to fill a form to subscribe to the site and to pay a small amount which may range from US$ 10 to 50 as Membership Fee and for start up kit which they would send you after receiving the payment. This kit will have all the relevant details you essentially need to start with the work.

The website is so impressive and their claims are so aggressive that you incline to convince yourself to become their member. The amount demanded with the subscription is such that you feel it nominal  and reasonable. In fact they ask for such small amounts because nobody cares if the amount is wasted. Because you will have to spend more money to get the original amount back.

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Now, when you have become a member of that organization through their website, one of the following things may happen:

  1. You will not get any response from them forever.
  2. They may send you a kit to your address, as promised. You, very excitingly, open that kit and find a list of some companies which need to hire people for stuffing envelopes. You will be asked to contact those companies for getting a job, which you will never get.
  3. You may receive a kit from them and find the same ad in it with a letter that you invite more people for this job and you will be paid commission on making members. Now, you will invite people to become members of that organization and ask for the subscription and a small payment for the start up kit. You can understand that this is an endless chain without any fruitful result for you or your family.

Keeping in view the above situation, it would be advisable to keep away from such e-mails or ads and never make any payment for nothing.

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